I want to be a part of improving your systems and teams

I am a developer with several years of experience with startups, as consultant and a part of inhouse teams.

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System Developer

I have several years experience as programmer and system developer. I have worked with everything from a small webpage to large systems and I can be placed on tasks both backend and frontend.


Do you want someone to come in and evalute how your team is doing? I can provide my services to have some chats with your team and suggest some points for improvements


Do you have an idea and need to explore options regarding developing your application? Then lets have a chat! Maybe I can help with you a prototype


Let’s discuss your project

Do you have something you want to be made or need an extra hand to add more features or fix bugs in an existing system? Don't hesitate to make contact for an a chat and then we can figure out if we are a good fit.

I can help analyse your current teams efficiency

Many teams work insufficiently. Maybe you have people in your team that could excel if placed with a different role or if some of the routines where changed? It might be easier for your team to speak openly with an outsider.


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Send us an email at hey @ excolo.no.